Status of Next Release

Added by Lloyd Dilley 7 months ago

I wanted to take a moment to explain the shift in direction for the 0.2a/"mildly dangerous" release of RubIRCd. I was originally planning to incorporate server-to-server linking in the second release. However, it makes more sense to me to have most of the standard commands in place and working first so that people can run RubIRCd as a standalone server if they wish. The goal of 0.2a is to have every standard command in place that does not require server-to-server communication to function. I would also like to include some useful modules. As a result, I have pushed server linking, ziplinks, TS5 implementation, etc. out to version 0.3a which will be named "soup cans and string".

As you can see from the source repositories, development has been continuing at a decent pace. I anticipate 0.2a being available in the next couple of few weeks. Keep an eye out!

Update on 03/02/2013: My power went out on Tuesday evening due to a blizzard and was not restored until Thursday evening. Due to this and being busy at work, I would like to delay the next release for another 1-2 weeks. The following things need to happen before next release:

  • Add support for REHASH, KLINE, WHOWAS, and ZLINE
  • Make first user chanop if channel is empty
  • Finish adding support for MODE (this includes working ban addition/removal, storing +o and +v modes, and showing prefixes for the appropriate modes)
  • Write k/zlines to disk after DIE and RESTART are issued
  • Broadcast when a module is loaded or unloaded
  • Finish adding support for keys, invites, and limits when used with JOIN
  • Make it so only chanops can change topic if chanmode +t is set
  • Allow multiple targets/recipients for NOTICE and PRIVMSG
  • Notify administrators when another user issues WHOIS on them